Hello! My name’s Charlie McIlwain, and this is my website, wherein I interview people who make interactive art (videogames or otherwise – I won’t get into the “what is a game?” debate, because it’s not 2005 anymore), and occasionally share my opinions on games. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of the latter recently; I’ll try to do more. I hate most things I write; the trick is actually learning not to delete hours of work because you think the tone is too smug or overly earnest or isn’t funny or is trying too hard to be quirky or uses parentheses too often (I’ve done that a lot in the past). The trick is to just hit publish, and be aware that hardly anyone reads it anyway, so what’s the problem?
I’m still learning, as we all are.

A little history.
I set up this blog in early 2013, when I was but a young, foolish naïf. I don’t like most things I wrote at that time, in hindsight; a lot of them have now been removed, as the nature of this website has changed. I’ve learned a fair bit these past few years, and it’s entirely likely that I’m still an idiot with a whole lot more to learn. My opinions on things have changed dramatically, as opinions so often do. My style of writing has developed, as styles of writing so often do. I’m still naïve, but I’m less naïve than I was before, for better and for worse. It’s entirely possible that I’ll look back on the work I’m currently proud of in five years’ time and consider it just as awful as the work from five years ago I currently consider to be awful now, in a Krapp’s Last Tape sort of way. But I quite enjoy what I’m doing at the moment, and I hope that you do too!

A little about myself, in a series of short sentences.
I am in my late teens. I currently live in Leeds, West Yorkshire; I was born here. I like art, of all persuasions. I write plays and poems, sometimes. I believe Samuel Beckett to be the greatest artist who ever lived. I like cycling. I have bad eyesight, and as such I wear glasses to counteract the problem. I think nice shirts are underrated. I like a nice pen. I don’t eat meat, but don’t mind if you do. I am a Canadian citizen. I am an Irish citizen. My favourite piece of interactive art at the moment is probably Beeswing, by Jack King-Spooner, but there are many others. My favourite album is probably Pet Sounds, by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher (and The Beach Boys, technically). I have too many favourite books, but the ones that are seriously on my mind at the moment are  Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, and A Room With A View, by E. M Forster. Some of my favourite films are 12 Angry MenHarvey, The Wind Rises, Johnny GuitarLa ChinoiseShock TreatmentBlade RunnerThe Zero Theorem, Do The Right Thing, and many many more. My politics are on the left. That’s all I feel like sharing at the present time. Thank you.

What’s on this site?
The primary focus is currently discussing interactive artworks with the artists behind them. However, different things may well pop up. There’s no real consistency to the output; one of the many reasons this site will never gain notability (and thank G-d for that).

And another thing…
If you like what you see here, please do share this site around – I’d be very appreciative!
Have a lovely day, now.


“The milkman has completed his route . . .
you guys wanna split a cab?”


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